Information on Faculty Invitation

Open Recruitment Information

Information on Faculty Invitation

Open Recruitment Information

2024 Sungkyunkwan University Full-time Faculty Regular Recruitment (Open Competition) Notice

Application Period
  • (1st)Application period: 2023. 4. 10.(MON) ~ 4. 24.(MON) 16:00 (KST)

  • (2nd)Recommendation submission period: 2023. 4. 10.(Mon) ~ 4. 27.(THU) 16:00 (KST)

Recruitment Classification: Full-time Faculty (Tenure Track)


Guidelines for Faculty Recruitment
  • Applicants who wish to apply for the open competitive employment should complete the [Faculty POOL Registration] first, and then select one from the [Areas of Invitaton].

  • After registration, please check the application registration number from the ‘초빙지원서 조회’ menu.

  • 「Faculty Pool」 can be opened on every multi browser but we recommend using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  • Recruiting Department with Restrictions
    • Department of Korean Linguistic and Literature: Sungkyunkwan University (Bachelor)

    • Department of History: Seoul National University (Bachelor)

    • Department of Fine Arts: Chung-Ang University (Bachelor)

    • Department of Architecture: Sungkyunkwan University (Bachelor)

2024 Regular Recruitment
- Recruiting departments and areas will be updated continuously until the application deadline.
- Expected hiring date: 2023 Fall Semester or 2024 Spring Semester
- Theatre: Introduction contents revised (23.04.06.)
- Systems Management Engineering: Scheduled Appointment date revised (23.04.06.)
- Intelligent Robotics: Field name revised (23.04.06.)
- Social Innovation Convergence Program: Field name revised (23.04.06.)
- Biopharmaceutical Convergence: Field name revised (23.04.06.)
- Mathematics: Field name revised (23.04.06.)
- Mechanical Engineering: Field name revised (23.04.06.)
 * [Teaching Professor] : Professors who are focusing in education rather than research
 ** JA (Joint Appointment): Faculty appointed to more than 2 departments and will contribute to education and research
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